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Safety And Quality
Safety and Quality

Quality of workmanship that we provide to our esteemed clients is of utmost importance to us. The “No Compromise” policy, concerning safety and quality has made us successful in the competitive world.

In order to maintain the quality and safety on site, our operatives are given formal trainings in theses aspects. Our training centres in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and Singapore help us to achieve that, wherein all our technicians are subjected to numerous safety inductions in their native language in order to imbibe in them the responsibility of working safely on site. We are proud to say that till date we have worked with a “Zero” LTI.

Quality assurance is another key area of concern to us. Our training centres also act as testing centres for all the new recruits, wherein their skills of scaffolding and execution are tested and assessment of their on-the-job experience is gauged. Our workforces are carefully screened and we only recruit workers with proven skills so that they can give our clients the best services and the quality of workmanships expected.

To meet the exacting requirements in this competitive industry, we make constant efforts to send our workforce for training to upgrade their skills to ensure that they can meet up with our client’s requirements. Besides safety orientation courses, our operatives are sent for skills evaluation certification courses in diverse areas such as Metal Scaffold Erection, Plant equipment fitting, Rigging & Material Handling & Welding etc. We also send them for refresher courses to update them on changes in the respective trades.

Our scaffolding and insulation personnel attend all relevant courses Accredited Training Provider (ATP) by the Ministry of Manpower:-
  • Safety Co-ordinator Training Course
  • Safety Instruction Course (Manhole) for Supervisors
  • Oil / Petrochemical Safety Orientation Course for Supervisors
  • Safety Instruction Course for Lifting Supervisors
  • Metal Scaffold Erection Course
  • Supervision of Metal Scaffold Erection Course