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The Management
Mirador’s management brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success. Equipped with strong domain knowledge and extensive cross-functional experience, Mirador team nurture interactive relationships with the client community across the world.
Administrative Team
The Administrative Manager and his team are all IT trained to keep pace with technological advancement. This team generates all paper works. They are well versed with the administrative requirements of the Ministry of Manpower and various Immigration authorities. They are the experts when it comes to liaison with the Government Departments.

Our rapport with the Ministry of Manpower cannot be better. With our team of dedicated professionals who are well versed in every aspect of recruitment and the supporting administrative services, we are committed to provide the best in recruitment services.

Our Work Coordinators
The dedication and professionalism of our workers in getting every job done well is largely inspired by our hands. As a meticulous skilled service provider, we always do our best to ensure our clients come away with a smile that reflects their consummate satisfaction.